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Why Partner with Mortgage Portfolio?


National Mortgage Brokerage/Bank















Mortgage Portfolio Services is both a national mortgage brokerage and a bank. This means that while we can certainly handle your Texas loan, we can also handle a client's mortgage needs in another state.

For clients, this offers them the ability to meet their mortgage professional and apply for their mortgage face-to-face even though the closing may be taking place somewhere else in the nation. Further, it allows one mortgage professional to handle all of a client's relocation, second/vacation home and investment property mortgages nationwide.

For realtors, it allows them to offer their listings a local mortgage professional who can handle the purchase of the new home that they will be acquiring.

Mortgage Portfolio Services, acting in its capacity as a mortgage broker, is capable of brokering your loan to numerous national and international banks.

Acting as a bank, we can also fund the loan ourselves, with MPS funds, giving us more power in the transaction or allowing us the flexibility of a mortgage structure that works better on the client's behalf.


Mortgage Portfolio Services is exclusively managed by Outsmart Holdings, LLC.