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Why Partner with Mortgage Portfolio?










Education of Clients








Many mortgage companies, especially online firms, think that if you keep the client “in the dark” about how the mortgage works, things are easier and more money can be made. To them the profession is a “get rich quick” scheme.

At Mortgage Portfolio Services, we take a long-range view of the mortgage profession. Besides the fact that it is our duty to educate clients, educated clients refer other clients. Educated clients show a marked reduction in their anxiety level during the mortgage process. Educated clients feel cared for.

At MPS, our loan applications, generally done in person, take up to two hours. These two hours are used to explain home ownership and the mortgage in detail and to give the client ample time to formulate and ask questions. We want them to understand what they are doing, how we are compensated and the process that they are about to experience.


Mortgage Portfolio Services is exclusively managed by Outsmart Holdings, LLC.