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Why Partner with Mortgage Portfolio?












Accuracy between Good Faith Estimate and Closing Statement






At Mortgage Portfolio Services, we pride ourselves on exceptional accuracy between our Good Faith Estimates and our closing statements. As mortgage professionals, it is our job to know what a mortgage will cost.

What many people do not know is that there is no law that says a Good Faith Estimate must be accurate. The law says that if there is a substantial change to it, a new one needs to be re-disclosed at least three days prior to closing. Knowing this, many mortgage people will intentionally “low ball” a Good Faith Estimate to later surprise a client with the real figures right before closing, if at all.

At MPS, we let you know precisely what the mortgage will cost you at closing and over the long term. We realize that we may lose some clients with this approach as they choose to go with dishonest brokers offering “cheaper” mortgages, but we would rather be honest and do a few less mortgages than mislead our clients.


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